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Meet PM Imran Khan’s doppelganger Shah Hussain from Swat

Recently, a young man from Sialkot took local Twitter by storm thanks to his uncanny resemblance with Prime Minister Imran Khan. Spotted in a rickshaw, the unassuming man quickly became the talk of the town as the video of him went viral.

ARY News got hold of the man, namely Shah Hussain, to find out more about his life, especially after his viral fame. Hussain originally hails from the northern region of Swat and travels to Sialkot in the winter months for work where he sells dryfruits.

According to reports, Hussain is now hounded by admirers ever since his newfound popularity, with many flocking at a chance to click a selfie with him. “I feel very happy when people come up to me to click pictures and to take selfies. I like it when they say that I look like Imran Khan and that I can meet him,” he said.

Shah Hussain

He also expressed a great desire to meet the PM, saying, “I really wish that Imran Khan would call me to meet him.” When asked if he had any advice for Khan, Hussain said that he would urge him to “fulfill all the promises that he has made to the people.”

Interestingly, he is also a big fan of cricket, just like his doppelganger Khan, who earned Pakistan its only Cricket World Cup in 1992.

He also had a special message for the people of Pakistan: “Ghabrana nahi hai, InshaAllah sab theek hojaega (Don’t panic, everything will be alright, God willing)” – Khan’s viral catchphrase.

In the end, he again urged Khan to step up and fulfill his promises, adding that the people are, indeed, panicking and need some reassurance.

Watch the interview here:



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