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Imran Khan harping on the same tune, says Pervaiz Rasheed

“I thought he will talk something new and I will have to response. Khan is insistent to take to streets and make lives of people a hell,” he said while addressing a press conference in Lahore.

He said PTI rallies had inflicted loss to public funds. Khan could have stayed at Minar-e-Pakistan for 8 to 10 hours and say whatever he desired.

“Business of Rs4 billion has been suspended today due to the protest. Rs5 million are spent on security and other arrangements for the public gathering, while Lahore Metro Bus service had to bear a loss of Rs0.5 million,” he said.

The minister said he tried to convince the PTI leader to hold rally on some other place, however he was adamant on his decision.

He said if Mr Khan was serious in his bid then he should make it a part of practice and come to the parliament to get approve bill on his demands.

Pervaiz Rasheed said Khan did not acknowledge change through elections.

Taunting at the low turn out in the rally, he said the number of people standing on container were the same standing on road.

“They should have provided a container, sofa, AC and sandwiches for participants of the rally as well,” he said adding that it was better if pizza and burger were also provided to the participants.




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