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Imran Khan inaugurates Swat-Malakand motorway

He was addressing after inaugurating the six-lane Swat Motorway, where he said that a motorway in Punjab is Rs10 billion more expensive than in Khyber Pakthunkwa due to commission and corruption.

The Swat-Malakand expressway  is the first motorway to be built by any provincial government on its own expenses and will reduce the journey from two hours to 45 minutes which will also make will make it easy for tourists.

CM KP to launch Swat Expressway Project today: https://t.co/Ktcl7GSIdg pic.twitter.com/boWHj0KVNz

He said that that corruption is like an cancer and if the Prime Minister is corrupt then the country can never prosper.He said that when they raised the question of accountability and corruption then fingers were pointed back at them.

Therefore, they submitted references against the Prime Minister over the attitude of the PML-N on Panama Papers, and will also submit another one in the Supreme Court.

He said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is blamed for loadshedding which is not their fault, as they are not given due share by the federal government. He challenged that government to handover the distribution and bill collection to the KP government and see how it will end loadshedding.

He reiterated that their primary focus is on education and promised to establish a women university in Swat soon. He said that 34000 students of private school have switched to public schools which speaks volumes about our commitment to education which brings real change.




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