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Imran Khan lashes govt over its economic policies

Speaking to media at his Bani Gala residence here before leaving for Karachi, Imran Khan said that he will present a charter of demand when he reaches Karachi to stage his protest against the federal government over the privatization of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

PTI Chairman Khan said that he will sit with the protesting employees of the national airliner and devise a new strategy regarding the resolution of the crisis.

He also said that in other countries taxes are taken from the rich and spent on the poor but the situation is complete opposite in Pakistan. He added that 98 percent tax was imposed on diesel which directly affected the common lot, especially farmers and small traders.

“Federal government was initiating the Orange Line train service by borrowing a loan of Rs. 20 billion, whereas it could not even provide the masses clean drinking water”, Khan said.

The PTI Chairman added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) controversial by making Hamza Shahbaz and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif tour the neighboring China.



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