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I will never lead PTI if a court disqualifies me, says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Saturday said that he will never lead his party in case a court declares him ineligible to contest elections or hold public office like Nawaz Sharif, ARY News reported.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, Imran Khan categorically denied the impression that his party allowed its senators to stay away from proceedings during voting for Election Bill 2017 which paved way for former PM Nawaz Sharif to lead his party.

“The party is disappointed (over Senators’ act) but let me assure you that I will not lead the party if a court disqualifies me,” said Imran Khan.

On July 28, Nawaz Sharif officially resigned from premiership after being “disqualified from holding office” in a unanimous verdict by a five-judge panel as the result of an investigation into his family wealth and assets, cutting short his third tenure in power.

On September 22, the Senate passed the Electoral Reforms Bill 2017. According to the amended bill, every citizen will have the right to be part of a political party, except those in government service, and will also have the right to create a political party. This amendment paved the way for Nawaz to lead his party again.

Imran Khan, who is the biggest critic of the said amendment, maintained that he will never lead PTI despite the fact that Election Bill allows him to do so.

‘Alternative leadership being prepared’

Answering a question about his claim of making his party an institution, he claimed that his party is preparing a second tier leadership which will be able to take over party reins after him.

“When I was collecting money for Shaukat Khanum Hospital, people used to say that the hospital may not function after me but today people donate money to the hospital over its performance. When an institution is strengthened, the individual becomes dispensable,” said Imran Khan.

He vowed to develop PTI on the same pattern and make it an institution.

 ‘Temporary relief’

About some PML-N leader’s suggestion of making Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif the PML-N head, Imran Khan said that such a development will only provide temporary relief to PML-N as the CM Punjab is nominated in Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.

He was of the view that the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case is an open and shut case and should be opened without delay.




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