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Imran Khan says Sharif’s disqualification strengthened democracy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan announced on Friday to hold large public gathering to celebrate the momentous verdict of the Supreme Court, disqualifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, ARY News reported.

Speaking to a press conference here in Islamabad, PTI chief said it was the victory of Pakistan for accountability process has begun and more will be made to pass through the accountability noose.

While congratulating the judiciary and the members of the JIT who he said were the heroes of Pakistan, Khan said it gave a new hope to the people of the country and set a precedent that the powerful could be held to account.

He thanked Allah Almighty for his victory in the Panamagate case and said it was the result of his unflinching struggle that started from 2013 protests against alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections to the Panama papers allegations that bore fruit.

Khan said “The apex court disqualified the sitting prime minister. It has strengthened the democracy. It is a positive sign for democracy.”

“I want to tell the heads of institutions, like ex-SECP chairman facing record tempering charges, to protect the interest of the country instead of covering up shenanigans of political bosses.”

Finally, the PTI chief said, the foundation of the state as envisaged by the founder of the nation Qaid Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah and great poet Allama Iqbal has been laid today.

Referring to his political bout with Sharif, he said, he had not personal grudge against Nawaz Sharif, neither was it a personal fight. “The problem is that of dual laws for the powerful and the weak. Jails are crowded with small thieves while big fish were beyond reach of the law and often walk away unscathed.”

“Corruption case surfaces against political leaders when they are in the opposition and the cases are quashed when they are in the government. Nations are not destroyed by natural calamities, earthquakes, floods and bombing, but by destroying institutions responsible for conducting accountability,” Khan said.

“If the looted money is brought back and the powerful are punished for wrongdoings, it would create deterrence for others.”



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