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Imran ends NA speech with a street protest ‘warning’

In his speech, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman said: “I am speaking on Panama Papers on behalf of people who voted for me. But the government counter attacks on Shaukat Khanum Hospital.”

He underlined that nowhere in the world cancer patients were treated free-of-charge, but Shaukat Khanum Hospital does so. “Sadly, government is scandalizing the hospital.”

“If we talk on corruption, we face allegations of derailing democracy.”

Khan said PTI reserved the right to take it to the streets if government dont take serious action in addressing Panama issue.

If opposition doesn’t keep check on the government and neglect misuse of public funds, then you dont need the parliament.”

“We are spending Rs 60,000 a minute in the parliament, which is actually the tax paid by the poor.” As the PTI chief began mentioning the PM, the treasury benches started shouting. However, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq intervened in successfully preventing ruckus.

‘Arrest me if I am proved to possess shady money’

Imran said the PM mentioned and criticised Bani Gala’s luxurious residence in his speech, adding Federal Board of Revenue , National Accountability Bureau and government authorities were in his control then why he was levelling allegations on me. “You are an executive authority. You should arrest me if I am wrong.”

Imran Khan reveals the fact regarding his off… by arynews

Khan also showed tax returns of Maryam Nawaz of 2011, indicating that she owned two companies in the UK. He said Maryam was mentioned as dependent of PM Sharif in the documents.

‘Mian sahib didn’t know what is penthouse’

Imran Khan said he never hid his apartment in South California. “Even I told Mian Sahib that I have bought a penthouse. He asked what is the penthouse,” mocked Imran.

Whatever I have earned, it’s declared on my name and all of it is in Pakistan, he added. He said all of his tax returns since 1982 have been declared.

Khan questioned why he was being seen with a suspicious eye. “Whether I was a minister or government official. It was just cricket that earned me fame and money.”

He said he remained captain of Pakistan team for ten years. I challenge anyone to tell if there was ever any allegation on me regarding match-fixing or wrong doing.

He recalled that world knew that Imran was the first who brought neutral umpires in the sport.

Punjab govt offered me flat after cricket triumph: Imran

He said when his team under his captaincy arrived in Pakistan after beating India. Then chief minister Punjab Nawaz Sharif offered him a flat in Lahore.

Similarly, after 1992 World Cup victory, the government offered me another flat. And the same year I donated both of the flats to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

I could have also made sugar factories and industries if I was greedy, he said.

“Save democracy, for God’s sake”

He urged the government to save democracy. When people get an impression that you [leaders] are making money in politics, then people will lose trust in you.

He said it’s a golden opportunity to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. “After Panama Papers, there is worldwide debate going on. We should also consider it seriously.”

“PM Sharif should be like Cameron”

He said David Cameron appeared in the assembly and answered questions, and didn’t level counter allegations on his opponents. “This is how democracy works.”

In a democracy, a leadership is accountable to public, he said. Khan said he was hoping to answer to some remarks of the PM.

“I entered politics with a one-point agenda to eliminate corruption that is eroding Pakistan from within”, said Khan.

After winding up his address, the PTI chief walked out of the House before Khwaja Asif began his speech.




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