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Fed govt to announce special package for Waziristan’s uplift: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the government is announcing a special package for Waziristan so that the area that was once neglected could witness progress and development, ARY NEWS reported.

“The people of Waziristan will witness a change in next two to three years,” he said while speaking exclusively during ARY NEWS programme, Aiteraz Hai.

The prime minister while speaking regarding the foreign funding case said if he had any fears regarding the PTI funding then why would he called for an open trial of the case.

“An open hearing of the foreign funding case should be ensured,” he said adding that all funding received by the PTI is legal and on record.

He blamed the previous Chief Election Commissioner, appointed by opposition parties, for playing games in the foreign funding case against PTI which led to a delay in the matter. “The case was based on a bad intent,” he said while reposing his confidence in the incumbent CEC of the ECP.

Further speaking on the broadsheet scandal, the prime minister said that the inquiry committee would decide on the saga as PTI has nothing to do with the matter and it was former military ruler General retd Pervez Musharraf who gave NRO at that time.

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He further defended immediate payment to the Broadsheet after a decision from the London court saying a delay would have cost 5000 Pounds per day to the country in terms of interest on the amount payable.

While expressing regret over the hike in prices of commodities, PM Imran Khan blamed the previous governments for it and said that if they would not raise fuel prices in the country owing to an increase in the international markets then it would overburden the country’s economy.

We even had to raise the power tariff as any delay will further increase Pakistan’s debt, the prime minister said.



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