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Fight till the last ball: Imran advises Afridi XI

Imran reportedly met with Shahid Afridi and the Pakistan cricket team at Taj Hotel and gave them invaluable tips. Khan, won the sole 1992 cricket world cup for Pakistan, told them not to play under pressure against the Indian team and fight till the very end.

Imran Khan had departed for India with fellow politician Sheikh Rasheed, who is head of the Awami Muslim League party. At an interview yesterday, Imran Khan had said:-

“I will not tell you what I will tell Shahid Afridi. Perhaps when the match is over, I’ll let you know what advice I gave him,” said Imran. Speaking about the Pakistani bowling attack, Imran was in awe of fast bowler Amir and how he had returned to the international scene successfully.

“As a nineteen year-old, he had to stop playing cricket. Now, after five years of no cricket, it’s phenomenal to see him bowl so well,” said the PTI chief.

The former Pakistani all-rounder said he hoped Pakistan would not play under pressure since that tends to affect the performance of the team.

Will Imran’s advice prove fruitful for Pakistan ahead of the India-Pakistan clash?



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