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Imran Khan equates Sharif’s slogan to ‘save democracy’ with ‘save corruption’

ISLAMABAD: Revealing the “tip of corruption iceberg”, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said the corruption is the ‘sole ideology’ of Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing a press conference, he said a handful of people – which he called a mafia – have been plundering the public wealth for decades.

Nawaz Sharif’s slogans for protecting democracy are catchphrases having no ideological significance. It’s not protection of the democracy but to obscure the plundering of public wealth, Imran Khan underlined.

He read out some documents which he said were few evidences of corruption committed by Sharifs and their associates. “As I said earlier it’s only tip of corruption iceberg,” the PTI chief added.

Sharing details, he said it has been learnt through JIT probe that Nawaz Sharif did not file income tax returns from 1981 till 2002, whereas his assets were surprisingly increased manifold after 2007 and onward.

“Nawaz Sharif does not have any evidence against all these documents except a letter from a Qatari prince,” he remarked.

Coming down hard on Ishaq Dar, he said Dar is Nawaz Sharif’s front man. “Nobody becomes as rich as Dar in a span of few years,” he said while posing a question towards Dar as from where he got all the money.

“The transaction details of Rs700 millions to Hajveri Charity [owned by Ishaq Dar] could not be found by the JIT,” he said.

He said Dar’s sons own two towers worth Rs20 billion and 11 companies in Dubai .

“The reason for Sharif’s much hue and cry over his ouster is to save the rest of ill-gotten stashed property abroad from getting disclosed,” he noted on the occasion.

Extending support to the judiciary, PTI chief said the entire nation stands by the courts and the judiciary should not come under pressure from mafia while referring to Sharif’s raging speeches against the judiciary.

He said he had been waiting for Sharif’s campaign that he announced after his ouster. “Are they going to launch it in Saudi Arabia,” he said while taking a jibe at Nawaz Sharif.



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