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Imran Khan was fired from his first ever job

Imran disclosed that he used to wash dishes and cut cheese, in an interview to a local news channel. Answering a question, this is what the cricketer-turned-politician had to say about his first ever odd job:-

“I remember it was during the 1971 war in which I had to work at a local store in England, for money. Due to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, the price of a pound escalated from Rs 13 to Rs 28. During those days, you could only send a certain fixed amount of money abroad. I was studying at Oxford University and my sister was studying at London School of Economics. So, I told my father to send my sister the money and I would fend for myself.”

Eventually, the PTI chief stated that he gathered some money which he had started to earn from professional cricket in London at the time and also took up a part time job in a store, to meet his expenses.

“It was my first ever job and the only time I worked. I had to clean dishes in a local store in England and also cut cheese etc during the Christmas holidays, for three weeks. Eventually, they fired me after only ten days because I got into an argument with someone there.”



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