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Imran Khan voted 'ARY Person of the Year'

A philanthropist, political activist, sportsman, educationist and a style icon words are really not enough to define the versatile leader Imran Khan. The most popular leader of the country, Imran is also the most sought after cricketer who earned us the only cricket world cup Pakistan has won. This incredibly personality who has won the title of ARY person of the Year was born on November 15th 1952 in Lahore.

The man who started representing Pakistan at the early age of 18 kept the honor of representation for 21 years. He led the national cricket team at a time when it was drowning and got the world cup that’s why he is known for having a charisma of miraculous leadership. People believe that the one who can change the days of Pakistani cricket team can bring change to the country too.

Khan who were a born hero won the admiration of the people of this country in political arena in 2013 and according to his voters he won the hearts by giving good governance in KPK. He was sole reason behind the voter’s turnout of 2013 elections in urban areas. And his governance is the reason that people came out in thousands on his call of protest.

The most probable reason of Imran’s popularity is his manifesto. Imran has always spoken about freedom of speech and truth. He always raised his voice against discrimination and by talking about these virtues of life he has conquered the hearts of his followers and even some of the critiques.

Imran Khan is not only a politician and sportsman, he is also a renowned philanthropist who founded Shaukat Khanum Memorial trust in 1991 for the research and development of cancer related diseases. Shaukat Khanum Memorial is now the largest cancer hospital in the country serving the underprivileged stratum of the society with the best facilities. He is also an educationist who established Namal Collage in Mianwali which is an associate collage of University of Bradford. The man of words is also the only Pakistani to be appointed as a Vice Chancellor of Bradford University, UK

Khan stayed in news throughout the year 2014, his sit-in that lasted for 126 days increased his popularity incredibly. The man who gathered million of people on the roads of various cities was truly the highlight of 2014. People considered him a dawn of hope, hence they picked him as ARY person of the Year.



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