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Newborn named ‘Imran Khan’ during PM’s surprise visit to hospital

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with State Advisor on Health, Zafar Mirza paid a surprise visit to DHQ hospital in Sargodah where a newborn was named after the Prime Minister by the parents after being notified of the PM’s presence in the hospital, ARY News reported.

Imran Khan was seen adoring Imran Khan ‘junior’, a new born in the children’s’ ward.

PM inspected different wards and talked to the patients and their families where a couple ecstatic to find the Prime Minister in their midst expressed deep love and gratitude towards him.

The couple who had just given birth to a new born son, introduced the Prime Minister to the infant who then was observed patting the toddlers cheek lovingly and saying a prayer for him.

When the father of the child was inquired about the name of the newborn, the proud parent exclaimed out loud, ‘Imran Khan’.

The Prime Minister can be heard congratulating the couple in the short video clip and smiling broadly, visibly overjoyed in the presence of the little one.



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