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Imran labels Ahsan Iqbal as ‘Aristotle’ of PMLN

Addressing the participants of the PTI sit-in, Imran Khan said no movement in the world has ever succeeded without the support of the women and students. He urged the students at the PTI sit-in not to miss this chance or else they will suffer forever, adding that youngsters are required for realizing the dream of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Khan said that here justice is sold; it is not served, adding that this struggle is not for power, it is a fight between the oppressed and the tyrants.

Taking exception to Ahsan Iqbal, the PTI chairman labeled him as the ‘Aristotle’ of the ruling PMLN, who says that the country suffered from Rs 1000 billion loss due to Islamabad sit-ins and inquired him to explain these losses bit by bit.

He questioned why these ministers are speaking venom against us, when we are not involved in any violence.

The skipper said he has seen Pakistan prospering first and then declining to its present state, due to incompetent and corrupt rulers.

He vowed to mark the largest celebration on Saturday and to make some critical revelations, which should have been made on the floor of the National Assembly (NA).

Imran Khan said the Meteorological Department had informed the government about possible flood on August 6, yet no arrangements were made, whereas the Punjab CM got busy with the photo session after the flood swept away hundreds of villages with it.

The PTI chief said the rulers deliberately increased inflation in the country in order to bag more and more money from the poor. He said the Sharif family invested huge sums in Europe, and all this money was laundered from here.

He said, “Democracy is there in Korea where the PM stepped down after a boat capsized and 300 people were drowned to the death as a consequence”.

Imran Khan said ironically the entire country is flooded here, but no one is ready to take responsibility.



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