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“Hatrick can’t be done this quickly”, Imran says in response to finger ring question

Imran Khan initially smiled to a question and retorted “This is not a ring which you believe to be.”

He quickly added that “Hatrick can’t be done this quickly.”

PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haq, talking to ARY News, denied that any marital connection to the ring Imran was wearing. He wore the ring as it’s given to him by a Baba, clarified Haq.

Imran Khan opinion about 3rd marriage by arynews

Earlier addressing a press conference, Imran Khan said he wanted to make PTI an institution.

Khan said all organizations within the PTI had been dissolved to hold intra-party elections.

The interim setup of the PTI will be completely powerful, he mentioned. “Majority within the Tehreek-e-Insaf wanted to hold intra-party polls.”

He said, “We formed the PTI to bring to an end to family politics.” The PTI chairman said electoral process in the PTI will complete before April 25.

It’s responsibility to hold intra-party elections. He said he had conceded mistakes as identified by Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed.

He said Pakistan is lagging behind other nations due to lack of merit culture.



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