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'Imran making undue use of a public limited company's plane'

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Pervez Rasheed said that the aircraft used by the skipper belongs to JDW sugar mills, of which the PTI leader Jehangir Tareen owns only 29.76 percent shares, while the rest of the 70.24 shares are owned by other people.

He accused that Khan uses the plane as if it was possessed by him, adding that this act of the skipper is illegal and is considered as an offence, due to which the director of the company may have to face a sentence.

The minister continued further that there is no mention of the plane’s expenses in the audit report of the company.

“Today a PIA flight was available, but the PTI chairman went to Gujranwala through a chartered plane”, Rasheed said, challenging the chairman PTI to answer as to why is he spending the amount of people on his political campaign.

The Information Minister said that several crore rupees are spent on the VIP protocol of Imran Khan and vowed to expose some more thefts of him in the next few days.

“The PTI chairman has to explain his position to an ambassador on daily basis. Yesterday, Khan explained his stance to the US Ambassador, while it was the Ambassador of China whom he presented explanations today”, Rasheed ended.



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