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'Imran mistaken that I wished to meet him', says PM Nawaz Sharif

Talking to media upon his arrival in London, PM Nawaz Sharif suggested the PTI chairman to establish his ‘naya Pakistan’ in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa first, adding that corruption is on the rise there, dangerous terrorists are fleeing from jails and the people are living in a terrible state.

He said, “I had visited Imran Khan’s residence a few months ago upon his invitation, for I thought that all of us should work together for the betterment of the country”.

“Khan had also supported my stance, when I visited him at the hospital soon after the May 11 elections and there was no rift between us”, he added. “But all of a sudden the PTI chief started opposing every move of ours”.

The Prime Minister said that we have come out of 90s’ era and the politics of falsehood is not going to work now, adding, “Now it is about who delivers to the people and suggested PTI to do so instead of obstructing his ways”.

He lamented that talks were underway with the Opposition Leader on the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) under a conducive atmosphere, but the defiant party spoiled the air.

PM Nawaz however said that his efforts will be continued to maintain the same atmosphere.

He said that these newly emerged politicians are spreading hatred and lamented that this wicked game should not be started again.

When asked to comment on his views about talks with PTI, the Premier said that he never turned away from it, however talks should be purposeful.

“This is not a way that on one side they negotiate with us, while on the other they stage protests and talk of shutting down the country”, he criticized.



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