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Imran now demands PM Nawaz’s accountability, not resignation

In an interview to a foreign news channel, Imran Khan said that he does not want Sharif to resign but wants him to be accountable under Article 40 of the constitution.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is answerable to the federal cabinet and the Parliament,” Khan said.

The PTI chief added that the prime minister has been accused of money laundering, hiding his assets and tax evasion.

Khan went on to say that he has struggled hard for democracy for 20 years. “I did not work hard these years for imposition of martial law in the country,” he said.

Clarifying his earlier remarks regarding distribution of sweets in case of a military takeover in Pakistan, Imran Khan said that the objective of his remarks was to make the democracy stronger.

He added that the drone strikes ended the dialogue process with Taliban.



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