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Imran plans to grill PM in parliament today

Speaking at his residence in Bana Gala after returning from Manchester, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Khan said said Mian sahib must give his statement and he would subsequently question him in the House.

Gone are the days when people would plunder national wealth and flee the country. “If you [PM] think you can launch smear campaign against any political leader by buying a media house, you are mistaken”, he said.

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A meeting has also been called by PTI leaders to deliberate on a strategy about Imran’s speech in the parliament.

He said he is yet to decide whether he speak at a press conference or address in the assembly.

About refusal of chief justice to form a commission to probe Panama Papers revelations, the PTI head said it was expected in view of the terms of references prepared by the government.

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He insisted that ToRs formed by the Opposition should be accepted. ‘I am sure these ToRs would help in smooth probe into offshore wealth owned by political leaders as revealed in Panama Papers.



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