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Imran preoccupied by enmity with state: Pervez Rasheed

In his exclusive word with ARY News after today’s rally of PTI, Pervez Rasheed said that the PTI chairman had claimed to gather 10 lac masses today, but the media itself observed the reality of the public meeting PTI tried to create so much hype of.

He went on to say that world powers are intended to declare Pakistan a failed state in 2015 and Khan by pursuing the politics of strikes and sit-ins wants to serve this very agenda.

Rasheed said Pakistan emerged as a strong country in 2014, whose currency and economy is stabilizing, but unfortunately the PTI chairman wants to halt this process.

Responding to a question about talks with PTI, the Information Minister said, “We are to answer the people of Pakistan and holding talks with a person who is preoccupied by enmity with state, is something which needs to be considered at least a hundred times”.

Moreover, he said that being a patriotic Pakistani he will fully fight back the ‘agenda’ of Imran Khan.




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