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Imran promises ‘protocol-free’ movement in future

Addressing a press conference at his Bani Gala residence, Imran Khan briefed the three points which were much debated during talks with the government.

He elaborated those points as under:

1- The judicial commission should investigate whether the last election in the country were free and fair and in accordance with the constitution and law.

2- Whether the General Elections 2013 were manipulated or influenced by anyone in any way.

3- The commission should also ascertain that results of the Elections 2013 on an overall basis were a fair reflection of the mandate given by the people.

Imran promises ‘protocol-free’ movement in future by arynews

Khan claimed that Ishaq Dar and his fellow negotiators hesitated over these points, but eventually they agreed and told the PTI members that they will return after a formal approval of these points by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He claimed that this discussion took place on December 30 and since then none of the government team members including Dar has made a contact with us.

“There is no doubt regarding the manipulation of last general elections and there are evidences of record rigging of polls”, said the PTI chairman.

“Votes of NA-124 were found from NA-122 – Speaker Ayaz Sadiq’s constituency.”

Khan said that the ECP declared 34000 votes in NA-122 as ‘invalid’, adding that the invalid votes are viewed as ‘bogus’.

He told that the PTI leader, Jehangir Tareen today wrote a letter to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar – head of government negotiations team – to remind him that he was to return after an approval by the prime minister.

Speaking about the Peshawar episode, he said, “I can understand that the parents of the martyred children are aggrieved, but neither the school was run by the provincial government, nor its security was our domain. Everyone knows it is a military-run school.”

Imran however said that he can understand the anguish of the parents and if it is lessened by venting their wrath on him, he is ready to visit the school again.

Responding to a question about his protocol despite his critical stance on VIP culture, the PTI chief said that there were only six protocol vehicles, rest belonged to his party ministers who had arrived at the airport to receive him as it was his first visit and his newly-wed wife was also accompanied him.

Khan vowed to the people that they will not witness him arriving with protocol in future.



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