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Imran reconciles disgruntled party MPAs in KP

According to details, Khan presided a meeting at CM House, Peshawar, which was attended by discontented MPAs and the provincial ministers. The MPAs piled up complaints before the party chairman bemoaning ‘disappointing’ behavior of KP ministers.

They said the workers want ministers to perform but the cabinet members do not give time and attention to issues.


After listening to dissatisfied lawmakers, Imran admonished the provincial ministers and reconciled the party MPAs.

The PTI chief rebuked Health Minister Shehram Khan Tarakai saying the reforms agenda has not been implemented in his department. At this, the minister assured of improving present state of affairs in the Health Department.

Khan directed all cabinet members to ensure attendance at their offices and to make people aware of government’s uplift projects by paying visits across the country after the Eid.

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