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Puzzling reports spiral over Imran-Reham wedding

KARACHI: The much-hyped wedding whispers of Imran Khan and Reham Khan are now gaining momentum whether the ‘couple’ has actually entered the matrimonial contract or about to make one, ARY News reported.

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ARY News senior anchorperson, Mubashir Lucman on Wednesday cited his sources as saying that Khan’s Nikah with Reham is yet to take place in the next 72 hours.

He slammed all the rumors circulating on the social media that Imran Khan has already tied a knot with the former BBC weather girl and now a political commentator, Reham Khan.


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Meanwhile, our correspondent Tahir Khan told that the family sources of Reham Khan have confirmed the reports of her union with cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan.

He told that a large number of relatives were present at the native home of Reham Khan in district Mansehra, where one of her cousins confirmed that the renowned anchor has entered into a wedlock with Khan.

Her cousin went on to speak that the beautiful lady may depart to her husband’s home in about week time.



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Puzzling reports spiral over Imran-Reham wedding

by Kashif Imran