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Imran runs after PM in 'Go Nawaz Go' game

The slogan made popular by Pakistan’s rebellious leader Imran Khan and his party workers to spread their long standing demand on everyone’s lips has taken a new turn with this  game available on Google App store.

Game play:

As the synopsis describes “In this game, Imran Khan is running after Nawaz Sharif. The game mimics the environment over there in Islamabad with the protesters and Red Zone area buildings and stuff. Tap the screen to jump over the containers, Road Blockers, Blocker Wires and other Obstacles that are on the roads of Red Zone Islamabad and protect Nawaz character from colliding with them. Also collect coins for better score and position”

The background

Pakistan’s political scene has been marred with protests and a widely announced civil disobedience movement launched by PTI chief Imran Khan who refuses to accept results of last year’s general elections in the country which he terms massively rigged.

The movement saw different phases with party workers (mostly active on Facebook, Twitter)  making trends on social media and app developers mimicking Gullu Butt and now country’s Prime Minister with ‘Go Nawaz Go’ game.









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