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Imran says ‘bought London apartment through cricket income’

“If any Pakistani buys a plot in London, he/she is recommended by a tax expert to buy a property through offshore company,” said Khan while speaking to reporters outside the parliament house today,

He produced documents showing ‘legality’ of offshore wealth he possessed. Khan said he had all tax returns since 1982 of all money he earned.

He said he bought a flat in 1983 and sold in 2003, “and the amount acquired through that money led me to buy Bani Gali residence”. He said he got two plots after winning cricket series [against England] and the World Cup, which he later donated to the Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Khan said he had already declared his London apartment to Federal Board of Revenue. I am a politician and parliament and I am answerable to the public, he added.

Khan said he faced allegations when he was out of country. “It was my moral responsbility to respond to accusations fired at me.”



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