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Next year is the ‘election year’, says Imran

“Pakistan, be ready. Next year is the election year,” said Khan while addressing a mammoth rally in Sargodha.

He said by-poll victory in Multan for PTI-backed candidate is a big lesson for Nawaz and PML-N. People of Multan have given a lesson to Nawaz Sharif and the PPP, he added.

“Only a wise nation could get itself liberated.” He asked people to understand that PTI’s crusade against the government was in fact aimed at the ‘corrupt system’.

Imran referred to PM, saying: “Mr. Nawaz Sharif, making of new KP is underway. Let me remind you it’s our [PTI’s] first term and I challenge you to hold elections in Punjab and we hold in KP. It will make the entire situation clear.”

Khan reiterated to people, “If you don’t stand up for your right, your all fundamental rights will be trampled upon.”

This Pakistan, Khan said, has been reduced to a property of a handful of families. “There is sheer disparity for law between the poor and the rich.”

The PTI chairman said people had understood how PPP was exploiting the name of ‘Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’.

He said inflation, poverty will keep on rising until rulers are questioned and held accountable. He slammed Asif Ali Zardari for not declaring his assets to the nation.

Khan said: “We formulated a law titled ‘Conflict of Interest that stipulates no one can run his business while being in power.”

The PTI chief stressed people to question Nawaz Sharif and his family about their source of income. He claimed that record minimum investment was made in Pakistan, due to policies of the PML-N government.

“A few days ago, electricity supply to my place was disconnected as I had burned down a bill.” He lamented that power tariff was raised upto 80% during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, which prompted him to take this move.



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