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Imran says PM going to ‘conquer’ Washington

Addressing his workers and supporters at PTI sit-in camp, Imran Khan said that if the Geo TV is stoned every day, then the government should deploy few policemen over there too. He said that we are peaceful people and advised his workers not to engage in any kind of violence against anyone, adding that none of the PTI workers was involved in the attack on PTV office.

The PTI chairman said that a massive change has taken place here and the people are not fully aware of the scope of this change. He added that in the first election after the formation of PTI his score was zero, while there also came a time when only five prominent figures were left in the party, but then came a day when millions of masses gathered at Minar-e-Pakistan in support of PTI.

Khan said PM Nawaz was their convener during the Lawyers Movement, but he deceived us and he has always betrayed the nation.

Addressing to the participants, he asked them not to let any prime minister carry on his business and to hold the rulers accountable for their wrongdoings by coming on roads.

While criticizing the premier on his four-day visit to the United States (US), Imran said ironically that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is going to conquer Washington, which will cost Rs 4 crore of the taxes of the people of Pakistan.

He also hinted that the overseas Pakistanis are prepared to welcome the prime minister and there too ‘Go Nawaz Go’ will echo.

Drawing comparison between Musharraf’s dictatorship and the two democratic governments following it, the PTI chief said there was Rs 35000 loan on every Pakistani during Musharraf’s dictatorial regime, which was increased to 75000 during PPP-government and now it has reached up to 1 lac 10 thousand rupees.

He said that PM Nawaz wanted to become ‘Ameer ul Momineen’ through the fifteenth amendment and still his efforts are continued for this purpose.

Imran Khan also said that his party is bringing an independent accountability bureau and an exemplary local body system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), which will distinguish the province from rest of the country.

He also told that the PTI-led KP Government is introducing a uniform education system all over KP.

Moreover, Khan asked the people of Karachi to be ready as he is arriving there to free them of all the evils.



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