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Imran says sit-in will continue until justice is served

Imran Khan said that talks were held with the JI chief on the approach of both the parties, adding that Tehreek-i-Insaf wants to transform the country into a true Islamic welfare state.

He said that corruption could not be ended from the country, until the ones involved in it are not punished.

The PTI chairman while giving example of target-killing in Karachi, said that there the killings could not be contained for culprits know there is no one to collar them. He said until those laundering money, evading taxes are not declared guilty; this is why such practices cannot be curbed in the country.

Khan said same is the case with electoral irregularities as no one is punished for looting the mandate of the people. He added that whatever constituency is opened for verification of votes, it shows bogus voting there, adding that in three out of four constituencies PTI asked to open, rigging of polls was proven.

The cricketer-turned-politician said if the PMLN is clear, it should facilitate investigations of irregularities, but the PMLN members are hiding behind stay orders by the courts.

He said, “I openly say that Nawaz-league is safeguarding the ones who rigged the polls, while the only transparent election which took place here was of 1970, all other elections to the date were not fair”.

Imran Khan also thanked Sirajul Haq saying that the JI and PTI are united against status quo in the country, while ‘change’ has become a bare necessity for Pakistan to make progress.

He also said that the Islamabad sit-in will continue until justice is not served, while transparent investigations of electoral irregularities can be held under the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The PTI chairman said that no matter if Dr Tahirul Qadri has gone abroad, but nobody should misapprehend that we are going to move away from Islamabad.

Moreover, he said that we have presented our resignations, for the PTI members could not stay in an assembly which was formed using unfair means in elections.



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