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Imran says sit-ins not to end

“We will celebrate Eid at ‘Azadi Chowk’ in style and will continue our protest,” he announced while talking to media in Islamabad.

He said people will take to the streets in Lahore for their rights today.

Imran said the election commission had itself admitted that there were historic rigging in the general elections 2013.

“It is the right of people to ask prime minister reason for him being tax evader and not investing in Pakistan,” he said.

He asked, “People are questioning that why PM is not declaring his assets. Is there a difference of law for the ‘royal rulers’ and the general masses.”

“I will return to my dharna at Islamabad after addressing the Lahore rally.”

He said there is no reason for constituting judicial commission when there is no real democracy in the country. In presence of Nawaz Sharif, no judicial commission can work, he added.



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