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Imran sees way to ‘Naya Pakistan’ in Panama storm

In his address to an agriculture conference here, the PTI chief reiterated that the country cannot prosper as long as corruption is existing here. He declared corruption to be the greatest issue of country that is also impeding foreign investment.

He noted that Pakistanis, during last three years, purchased Rs700 billion property in Dubai, while they have Rs200 billion, according to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, abroad.

Khan lamented that Pakistan is a country with least spending on human development in South Asia. “Over Rs350 billion are spent here on Orange Line train and Metro Bus projects for they bring kickbacks with them, but this money is not spent on the people or the poor farmers in the country”.

He also slammed the government for imposing 85 percent direct taxes in the budget, yet not a single word was uttered with regard to bringing the money lying abroad back to country.

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