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Imran ‘sure’ Jemima is not behind any smear campaign against Reham

In his Twitter message, the PTI chief expressed confidence in his ex-spouse and said “Jemima has always been supportive and idea she would be behind any kind of smear campaign against Reham is absurd,” said Khan categorically.

A latest report in the Daily Mail cited Reham Khan’s cousins as alleging that “Jemima is behind the negative stories that have appeared about Reham.”

The report further said citing the cousin, who did not want to be named, “We know what Jemima is doing. We know that she is behind this smear campaign. She doesn’t want Imran’s marriage to succeed because she is jealous.”

“Jemima can’t get her own man, that’s why she doesn’t want Imran’s marriage to succeed,’ claims the cousin, unkindly.”

Imran and Jemima divorced in 2004 after nine years of marriage.



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