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Imran turns down PM Nawaz's offer to hold talks

Addressing a mammoth rally in Sahiwal, Imran Khan urged all the Pakistanis to come out of their homes on November 30, not for him, but for the future of their children. He lamented that for the past 67 years, a single social class is ruling the country with a new face each time.

The PTI chief said, “Somebody told me today that the prime minister wants to talk to you, listening to which I was astonished that the premier wants to talk to an absconder”.

Khan clearly refused to hold talks with PM Nawaz Sharif, adding that the premier may remain at his post, while our sit-in will also be continued, as long as the judicial investigations of irregularities in elections are not accomplished.

He said that his party kept struggling for 17 months, but it was not served justice by any of the institutions and so we had to come back to the people.

He inquired the judiciary and the civil society that is there any way to force out a political party, which has come into power by using unfair means in the elections.

The PTI chairman also questioned how can we differentiate between the people of a country and animals, if those masses cannot bring someone in or force out of power, through their votes.

While referring to one of the sayings of Maulana Rumi, he said that a society which fails to ascertain the good and the bad, first dies morally and then it gets ruined economically.

“On one hand, Mian Sahib declares me a proclaimed offender, while on the other he talks of negotiations, but he must know that I am not ready to hold talks with him”, Khan said while addressing his workers and followers in Sahiwal. “Not me, it is rather Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari who are offenders and there are affidavits submitted with the courts against them”.

He also warned the PPP co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari of the ‘tsunami’ to hit Larkana next Friday.

Imran Khan also criticized the MD of Pakistan Television (PTV) saying that the people pay Rs 10 billion to the state television, each year; despite of that it represents the government, not the masses.

Moreover, the cricketer-turned-politician while recalling some good memories of Sahiwal, said that he had played his first international match here, while he was only 16 years of age.



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