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Imran vows to bring system change in GB

Imran Khan, speaking at a meeting here in Islamabad, said that a bureaucratic government prevails in GB. He has said that a new system will be introduced in the region after the council elections for which a manifesto has been prepared.

He vowed that powers will be shifted down to the grassroot level. He added that the last two governments did not held Local Bodies (LB) Elections in the region.

Khan said that East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh, separated from the country because they were denied rights.

“By looking at Balochistan it seems that we are living in archaic times”, he said.

“The real Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will be seen after the LB polls in the province. No funds will be given to any National Assembly member”, he added.

The PTI Chairman said that his party fought for an independent judiciary and now it is fighting for a free Election Commission.



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