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Imran vows to bring real democracy to Pakistan


The PTI chief Imran Khan claimed to bring real democracy to Pakistan and promised that he will not let Pakistani people bow down before anyone.

Imran Khan invited all Pakistanis to reach Parliament House and take part in the protest which he terms ‘historical’ while calling on PM Nawaz Sharif to resign. He announced “Mian Sahab Zidd na Karo Ana ka msla na bnao, Chalay Jao” (Don’t make it an issue of your personal ego, leave).

The cricketer-turned-politician who led his party to Islamabad and now in red zone repeated his party’s resolve not to return before PM Nawaz tenders his resignation.

Imran Khan while informing crowd about his plans about celebrating what he called ‘real independence’, he said that famous singer Shahzad Roy, Squash legend Jahangir Khan and singer-turned-preacher Junaid Jamshed too will join the protest.

Badami Interviews Imran Khan

PTI chief took a jab at PM Nawaz Sharif by saying that he cannot score 50 runs in last over and must accept his defeat.

Before the speech he talked to ARY News anchor Waseem Badami and appealed to police that they shall not act against protestors for a government which is illegal and must not support tyrants otherwise they will be cursed.

Answering a question about his future plan if this final protest fails, Khan said that his civil disobedience movement is running and he is announcing to IMF and World Bank that whatever amount of loan they give to the Sharif government will not be returned if the government falls as this is an illegal government based on fake mandate.

He repeated the allegation that the ruling PML-N printed fake ballot papers two days before the 11 May, 2013 elections.

Imran Khan’s Speech in front of Parliament House




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