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Imran vows to enter into ‘red zone’ tomorrow

Addressing the participants of the Azadi March, Imran Khan said a demonstration will be held outside the Parliament House tomorrow, while later it will take to the PM House.

He said, “I will myself lead the people towards the red zone and will face the police”.

Khan while addressing the participants said, “I do not want you to collide with police and will be there in the first row”. He also advised his party workers and supporters to remain peaceful and not to get indulged in any kind of violence.

The PTI chief said the police, if it is state’s police indeed, will not fire at the peaceful people struggling for a better future of the country, while he warned the ‘Gullu Butts’ that if they tried to use force, they will not find a single place to hide.

Imran Khan told that tomorrow the participants of the Azadi March will stage a demonstration outside the Parliament House, while afterwards it will be held at outside the PM House.

During his speech, the PTI chief was seen in a lighter mood and addressed all the walks of the society with great humour.

He mentioned the actors, cricketers, singers and renowned figures, who vowed to extend their support for him, while asked the people from different parts of the country to arrive in Islamabad and observe a historic event taking place here tomorrow.

Khan in a delighted tone, asked the star cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi to join PTI, saying that if he did not, he will not able to live among the Pashtuns.



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