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Imran vows to expose, break Nawaz-Zardari alliance

“I demand Zardari and Nawaz to declare their assets in Pakistan as well as abroad,” he said while addressing a large crowd gathered at a rally in Multan.

He said he was considering approaching the court against the duo.

He claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s son was doing business in India, hence he had Indian leaders more dear to him than his own country. He slammed that Nawaz Sharif had not condemned Indian aggression along border so far.

“Nawaz Sharif, it’s regrettable that I am speaking on your behalf as you are not likely to speak against it [Indian aggression]”, he added.

He sought pledge from supporters not to vote any leader who were businessmen and had all their properties abroad. Khan referred Modi, saying “You are mistaken that people of Pakistan will be frightened with your muscle-showing along border at Sialkot.”

He said Modi should have become a man of big stature instead of sticking to his narrow and nationalistic approach towards his neighbors. He vowed to form commission for formation of new provinces on administrative grounds, after taking to power.

Khan stressed that he would not let him bow before anyone, adding that he thanked Allah for waking up Pakistanis.



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