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Sit-ins weakening the chains of oppression: Imran Khan

Addressing his workers and supporters at the PTI sit-in on Monday, Imran Khan said that if we do not stand up against tyrants, then there will be no difference left between us and animals. He said that these sit-ins are weakening the chains of oppression, while a ‘naya Pakistan’ will not be established as long as we do not quit selfishness.

The PTI chairman said that the prime minister and the chief minister cannot fool the people by telling lies, adding that no matter how much money the rulers make through corruption, but their greed is not going to end.

He alleged that a bridge is being constructed for linking PM Nawaz Sharif’s sugar mills to other areas, with a cost of Rs 2.5 billion.

Imran Khan lamented that the people do not invest here due to corruption, while 27 lac Pakistanis have gone abroad during the past 5 years. He added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paid tax after years and that too was not comparable with his assets.

He quoted the World Economic Forum as saying that Pakistan stands economically poor today.

The skipper further said that the rulers get offended to hear themselves as thieves and inquired the participants, “What else should I call them who rob billions of rupees, if not robbers”.

He also said that the Sharif family pays Rs 200 crores of taxes to the British Government, while it pays only 5000 rupees’ tax to the Government of Pakistan.

Khan questioned if the tax evaders are not to be called tax evaders, then what else one should name them.

He said our peaceful protest is setting a record in the world, while the people participating in it are heroes of Pakistan.



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