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Imran vows to hold countrywide mass rallies against govt

Addressing the participants at the PTI sit-in camp, Imran Khan lamented that the country was divided in English, Urdu and Madressa mediums of education. He vowed that PTI will bring a uniform education system all over the country.

He also promised to form minors’ Tehreek-i-Insaf and to write its manifesto himself.

The PTI chairman while addressing the youngsters said that it is because of you that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been summoned by the court, over the allegations of lying.

He slammed the police for oppressing the people upon the consent of Sharif brothers and vowed to hold Gullu Butt accountable of his misdeeds, who roams about like an IG Police of some province.

Khan quoted former NADRA chairman Tariq Malik as saying that he was threatened and was forced to go abroad, in order to hide the rigging of elections. He alleged that the PMLN also issued threats to Malik’s daughter, only to cover-up the electoral irregularities.

The PTI chief told that Tariq Malik had also stated during a television program that billions of rupees of the people were spent, but the authorities did not use magnetic ink in the elections, nor did they utilize the specific paper for the printing of votes.

Imran Khan vowed to hold mass rallies in different cities to wage attacks on the government like the way Mahmood Ghaznavi did, so that the entire country could be awakened.

He said that the Islamabad sit-in will remain in place until the resignation of the prime minister, alongside rallies in different cities.

Moreover, he challenged PM Nawaz Sharif to gather as much public as PTI will gather at Minar e Pakistan, so that the people could know whom Lahore actually supports.



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