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Imran vows to make Pakistan a true welfare state

While addressing the participants of the PTI sit-in, Imran Khan said our aim is to raise the standard of living of 11 crore Pakistanis, who are presently unable to have bread twice a day.

He reiterated that he is not going to turn away without PM Nawaz Sharif’s resignation.

The PTI chief said, “Some people inquire how long will I be staying here, to them I say as long as the PM does not resign, I am not going to move away”.

He criticized the Sharif brothers for claiming loudly to bring back Asif Zardari’s huge sums to Pakistan, which are lying there in Swiss banks.

Khan said that the same Sharif brothers sent 750 cops of the Punjab Police to Multan, for the security duty during Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s visit there. He said even the premier does not get so much protocol as much was bestowed upon the chairperson of a political party.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is safeguarding a cruel system with the help of Asif Ali Zardari, for it was all settled between them.

The PTI chairman simultaneously slammed the ruling PMLN and PPP saying that both the parties signed Charter of Democracy, in order to rob the national wealth one by one. “The signing of the Charter of Democracy was the actual London plan, of which they are now accusing us” said a discontented Khan.

He added that both the parties appointed a NAB chairman with consensus, so that none could be held accountable.

Imran Khan said that the chiefs of both PMLN and PPP have corruption cases registered against them, adding that rigging the elections was also part of their London plan.

“PPP rigged elections in Sindh, while PMLN looted the mandate of the people in Punjab, it was all pre-planned” said the chairman of PTI.

He said that PM Nawaz evaded tax for several years, while as long as these two parties will remain in power, no wealth can be collected.

Imran Khan said that brave nations face great hardships, while the coward cannot achieve anything. He stressed on merit in the state and inquired the PM that isn’t there an able person out of his family.

The PTI chairman vowed to promote education, equity and justice in the country, and to make Pakistan a welfare state once he comes in power.

Moreover, he praised the participants of the sit-in for coming out of their homes, despite of heavy rains in Islamabad.



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