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Imran vows to move court against PIA airplane’s taking Nawaz from London

“I will go to court against sending special airplane for picking up Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from London,” he said while addressing a massive public gathering in Sialkot.

This should be noted that PIA’s Boeing-777 aircraft will fly to London tonight only to take back the prime minister and his entourage.

The engineers of the national airliner have been instructed to transform two Boeing-777 aircrafts into VIP jets. One of the two jets will be kept as standby. According to sources, the regular seats of the airliner have been removed and 24 VIP seats have been installed in the aircraft for Sharif and his co-travellers.

Imran Khan said people were ready to come out of their houses against corruption and PTI required support of nobody in this regard.

He criticized the PM’s policies and said every single child of the country had become indebted. The beggar rulers did not even think that beggars have no respect in the world.

“The country has become victim of instability because of liability to other countries. Pakistan could not get Kashmir free unless it stands up on its own feet,” he said.

The PTI chairman said Nawaz Sharif could not even build a hospital where he could get himself treated. On the other hand, each bed is being accommodated by four patients in the public hospitals and medicines and medical facilities have become scarce.

He said PTI would go to court on Monday against sending PIA’s airplane to take him back from London. “Nawaz Sharif should do such lavish activities at his own expense.”



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