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Imran warns of agitation 'if govt reneges on promise'

PTI wants to resolve issues, but the government doesn’t seem serious in forming judicial commission, he said during a meeting talk in Islamabad.

We received a message yesterday that government is intending to alter the MoU, he added.

Saudi-Yemen conflict

Khan said government is frightened to constitute a judicial commission.

He said Pakistan should play mediatory role in conflict between Yemen, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Enemies of Islam are attempting to spread hatred among Muslims, warned Khan.

He said Pakistan had already born heavy losses in joining US war on terror. Pakistan government must refrain from indulging in Saudi-Yemen conflict, he added.

Khan asked, “Did Nawaz Sharif consult parliament before deciding to get involved into Yemen Conflict?”

Phone tapping

Regarding tapping of his telephone call with PTI leader Arif Alvi, Imran Khan questioned who committed this criminal act by tapping a telephonic conversation.



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