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Imran warns of serious consequences if govt used 'force' in Lahore

Addressing his party workers in Lahore on Saturday, Imran Khan warned PM Nawaz Sharif, “If force was used in Lahore, then you and your party [PMLN] will be responsible for the consequences”.

“Our workers will be fully prepared this time and they will fight back you, in case they were oppressed by police or the Gullu Butts”, he added.

In his message to the trade fraternity, the PTI chairman said if the traders of Lahore wanted ‘change’ they should shut down their shops and businesses on December 15, however if they do not, they will not be forced for it.

He advised his workers to let the ambulances pass through and protect the media men during the protests, for media has greatly helped democracy in Pakistan.

Khan said if some media persons are not performing their duties with honesty, then it is not the responsibility of the PTI workers to take any action, adding, “People of Pakistan understand everyone”.

He said that yesterday’s protest by his party in Karachi set a new example, for such a peaceful protest never took place in the history of the largest metropolis and industrial hub of Pakistan.



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