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Imran welcomes Attock’s Major Tahir group to PTI

ATTOCK: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Monday welcomed Attock’s influential political group of Major Tahir on joining the PTI, ARY New reported.

“I congratulate and welcome Major Tahir group on joining the PTI,” he said while addressing a large public gathering in Attock.

He said only those were joining PTI who could serve masses. People only remembered the ones who served and worked for them , he said adding that Pakistanis won’t allow looters to loot anymore.

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The PTI chief said every country had two kinds of politicians: one who did politics for personal gains and the other who stood for the humanity.

“Only those will come afore in PTI who will do politics for Pakistan,” he categorically said.

Speaking on the sprawling foreign debt, he said whoever gives you debt, snatches your freedom. The country that becomes indebted cannot take decisions with liberty, he said.

He said Pakistan was getting gas from Iran on low price, however the government made deal with Qatar for expensive gas under obligation of pressure from those who had given debts to us, he said.

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Imran Khan said Pakistan would emerge as a great nation after we would make policy in people’s interest.

He also warned the government from weakening the law of National Accountability Bureau in a bid to save the corrupt. If any attempt was made in this regard, the masses would take to street with him, he said. “We won’t accept any NRO this time.”



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