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Imran will again fail like his Dharna politics collapse: Rasheed

Speaking at a presser here, Rasheed said Khan did not learn from his past failure and now he has called for another protest campaign only to be disappointed once again.

He accused that PTI’s partners in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) are playing politics of protest and termed the ongoing PIA employees’ protest ‘part of a political game’, which was, according to him, aimed at destabilizing Pakistan.

The minister said politics of dead bodies is being done on PIA issue and it is to be ascertained that who fired from inside the demonstration, for the Rangers and police are saying they did not fire at protesters.

It is the responsibility of the Sindh government to probe this, he added.

He also reminded Imran Khan of his party’s manifesto which stated that institutions that were a burden on national exchequer will be privatized.

Pervez Rasheed slammed the PTI chief asking him to elaborate whether he had stated in his party’s manifesto that he would lead a campaign against government every three months and do the politics of ‘container-1 and container-2’.

Detailing petrol prices in neighboring countries, he said Khan’s advisers do not inform him that Pakistan is a country that has lowest petrol prices in South Asia.

He added that the federal government collects taxes and hands 62 percent of all this income to provinces, adding, “If the PTI chief wishes he can provide free-of-cost petrol to people utilizing this sum”.

Rasheed further blasted Khan saying that the PTI talks of reducing petrol prices in country, yet he failed to ensure a cut in transport fares in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



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