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Imran's calling of Senators as 'salable goods' rages upper house

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan's statement in which he had labeled the Senators as salable goods has generated a wave of anger in the upper house of the Parliament and all his political rivals filed a privilege motion against him in the Senate of Pakistan – ARY News reports.

According to details, Senators took Imran Khan iron-handedly for showing them the mirror and did not hold back from counter fire. Some said that the PTI Chief has gone mad, whilst others stated that the one who earned millions of dollars in the name of a hospital has no right to comment like this on others.

All the political opponents of Imran Khan united together and filed a privilege motion against him. Senate Committee on Rules and Regulations has summoned the PTI Chairman and directed him to submit an explanation within ten days.

This should also be noticed that a majority of members of the Senate have not submitted the details of their assets and taxes so far, however it is yet to be found out who showed the mirror and to whom.

Earlier, the PTI Chairman had stated, "the Senators are like salable goods, they secure seats by paying for it".



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