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Sindh minister declines gas price hike, demands representation in OGRA

KARACHI: The Sindh energy minister Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh termed gas tariffs hike for Sindh consumers a consequence of monopoly in OGRA and declining the Rs40 increase, have instead demanded representation of provinces in the regulatory, ARY News reported.

He said the price hike in gas and petroleum utilities is unacceptable which Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority decided on its own without considering the grievances by the province.

On one hand you have a countrywide gas crisis which the people suffered in winters, when its most needed, and then on the other hand you surge the tariffs frequently which amounts to torture, he said.

His response came on the earlier development today in which OGRA has approved an upward revision in the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) tariffs by almost Rs40 per mmbtu which will translate in the consumer bills of Balochistan and Sindh, ARY News reported.

READ: OGRA hikes gas prices by almost Rs40 for Sindh, Balochistan consumers

Petroleum regulator OGRA in its decision today has agreed to the hike in utility prices requested by SSGC. The new revised prices to be borne by consumers is Rs778.59 per mmbtu.

A total of Rs39.89 has been increased in the total tariff which will be applicable after the notification to this effect has been issued by the government.

It may be noted that for the northern region of Pakistan, covered by Sui Northern Gas and Pipeline Limited, the decision is expected tomorrow and the same will be then applicable on the consumers of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.



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