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19.28% Increase in mobile phones imports in first 11 months

ISLAMABAD: Mobile phones imports showed tremendous growth of 19.28% in first eleven months (July-May) of 2017-18 as it remained US $ 759.969 million.

During same period of July-May 2016-17, the imports registered were US $ 637.14 million. Mobile phone imports in May 2018, valued at $81.362 million, increased by 25.64 per cent when compared to US $ 64.76 million imports in May 2017.

The Month on Month, the imports have increased by 7.72 percent as compared to US$ 75.53 million in April 2018.

According to data revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Monday, overall telecom imports saw an increase of over 11.77 percent during July-May 2017-18 as compared to same period of last year.

Total imports were recorded at US $ 1.396 billion during this period compared to $1.249 billion in July-May 2016-17. Telecom imports remained US$ 129.835 million in May 2018 and registered 10.39 percent growth, as compared to US $ 117.613 million during May 2017.

The imports of other telecom apparatus also witnessed growth of over 3.95 percent in July-May 2017-18 as it stood at US$ 636.057 million against US$ 611.872 million during the same period last year.




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