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INCREDIBLE: Famous movie scenes before and after visual effects

We love movies for a variety of reasons – some for their captivating plot, amazing cinematography or either popular cast. But without technological input, any movie scene can have its impact neutralized in no time.

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, they continue to amaze audiences with their on-screen innovations. But have you ever wondered what actually behind the scene to make these flicks rule the box office?

Well, there is a plenty of hard work and yes, visual effects, that gives you adventurous feel and make you remember the shot.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting behind-the-scenes snaps of popular scenes in the movies.




Visual effects can also help you fill stadiums…


bhaag mikha



When filmmakers can’t afford a chopper… 🙂


special 26




Game of Thrones — behind the scene…

Note: we don’t mean to spoil your taste 🙂



game of thrones 2




game of thrones 3




game of thrones 4




game of thrones



When you can’t actually go to space for shooting…








It looked romantic until this behind-the-scene image came to light…from the movie Chandi Chowk


chandni chowk




Hobbit shoot at the studio


hobbit 2








If you thought Salman actually crossed front of a speeding train in Kick







The Great Gatsby with great on-screen trick


great gatbsy 2




great gatsby




From the movie Walking Dead…



walking dead



Deepika Padukone grooving in her balcony in Cocktail






When a swimming pool is portrayed as sea






‘Tiger Richard Parker’ was a toy in reality


Pi 2




A shot from Deadly Honeymoon



deadly honeymoon





Shah Rakh and his ‘safe’ stunt in Ra-One


ra one






A scene from Wizard OZ — the master editing 🙂



wizard of OZ




Another Bollywood stunt… from the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai


once upon a time





Wolf of Wall Street shot


wolf of wall street



VFX-created stadium in Goal 2


goal 2




From another blockbuster… the Avengers





Titanic … and this is just one shot





Twilight Saga: Eclipse








PK — The Bollywood blockbuster





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