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India asked to clarify its stance on Karachi airport attack

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah said India must clarify its stance on Karachi airport attack, ARY News reported Wednesday.

He asked, “Does India have any control on its agency,” he said without naming Research Analysis Wing (RAW).

RAW is often blamed for sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

At least 30 people were killed in Karachi airport where militants armed with heavy weapons and suicide vests stormed there and attempted to destroy aircrafts and other important installations. Those died in the attack include civil aviation officials, Airport Security Force personnel and other officials.

After the attack, local security forces recovered Indian-made arms and weapons along with some Factor-VIII injections that are used by Indian army during combats.

In view of the recovery of Indian arms from Pakistani, the opposition leader asked India to tell that how its weapon infiltrated into Pakistan.

Shah said a joint strategy, with consent of opposition parties, will be devised agreed on electoral reforms.



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