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India likely to import water for use by 2050

According to a report published in Times of India said that the 2001 data figures show that the daily per capita groundwater resource in India has been depleted upto 35% from the quantity of water resource present in 1951. Daily per capita water availability is being projected to be only 25 % of the base year in 2025. While, if the present rate of utilisation of groundwater continues, the natural resource is feared to be reduced to 22%, citing a study report of Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), the paper said.

The day is being feared coming soon when per person availability of water will dip to actual use only, while you need good amount of water for irrigation, industries and other things.

A CGWB master plan to artificially recharge groundwater said, “Rapid development and use of groundwater resources for varied purposes has contributed, though, in expansion of irrigated agriculture, overall economic development and in improving the quality of life in urban India, the groundwater, which is the source for more than 85 per cent of rural domestic water requirements, 50 per cent of urban water requirements and over 50 per cent of irrigation requirements of the country, is depleting fast .”

Experts said the depleting water under your feet was an indication that ponds, lakes, wells and greenery was about to reduce.



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